Family Practice

At The Jamieson Total Health Care Center we partner with you to help you live healthier and have wellbeing and vibrancy in your life.

Your body is a gift and as the vehicle you live your life in, it is rewarding to take care of yourself in preventive and natural ways, whenever possible ~ Enjoy better health with solutions that are safe, evidence based and help balance your body chemistry. (click here for more information)

The Jamieson Total Health Care team is passionate about preventive health care and combining the best of traditional medicine and holistic medicine.  Whether your needs include accurate diagnostic services, management of medications, finding a specialist, or sorting through a maze of health care options and creating the best health care plan for you, we spend quality time and listen with care and intention to your questions and needs.

Our Total Health Care Services include: family health care, sports medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation, nutrition consultations, individualized whole food supplement programs, rejuvenation purification programs, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, and mind~body healing techiques - such as hypnosis.

We are proud to partner with the best health care specialists in our area and offer state of the art testing for evaluating each person's unique health care needs.