Any time of year is a great time to do the 21 SP Purification Program. Believe it or not, dozens of our family, friends and patients started their 21 day journey just before Christmas and New Years day. It's a wonderful gift to give your body and people love the delicious recipes they discover and how they learn to try new foods, as well as learn to love healthier foods.

When you visit, you will find a wealth of yummy recipes and valubale insite about the benefits of the 21 Day Standard Process Purification Program.

Here are the top five different reasons people commit to the program:

1. Healthy Weight Loss
2. To achieve healthy cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure and lower or eliminate medications( yes, this program definetly helps achieve these results).
3. Reduce or eliminate inflammation and pain.
4. To regularly do a maintenace once or twice a year to improve overall health a wellbeing (think of it like your regular maintenance for your car).
5. To prove to themselves they can be "Spartan", disciplined" and have control over their eating habits.

I have coached people from around the country while they do their 21 day rejuvenation (yes, it's rebuilding and healing) and it's is such a blessing and very rewarding. It is amazing to learn about their achievments health transformations.