Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

The Jamieson Total Health Care Center was the very first Sports Medicine Clinic in the Lansing area. Dr. Jamieson was team physician for Lansing schools and Lansing Community College for over 20 years. (click here for more information)

He specializes in the treatment of athletes and other physically active individuals.  Dr. Jamieson has experience in the care of professional athletes in all sports - from professional basketball players (Detroit Pistons) to Golden Glove Boxers to football players (Detroit Lions). With extensive education and expertise in athletic and physical performance, Dr. Jamieson and the Sports Medicine Clinic can address many areas of athletic care including:

Sports Physicals

Evaluation and Diagnostic Services

Injury Prevention

Proper Injury Diagnosis

Musculoskeletal Medicine

Osteopathic Manipulative (Manual Medicine)

Sports Nutrition

Pain Management Care

Comprehensive Athletic Injury Care (for enhanced recovery and optimal sports/physical activity performance)